Pensacola, Florida 2017: A Reminder of Why Americans Elected a Conservative Populist President

Tiberiu Dianu
7 min readDec 9, 2017


Wow! What a speech! One of the best ever!

See here:

Pensacola, Florida, December 8, 2017. President Donald Trump held a rally and delivered an electrifying speech, surrounded by “Merry Christmas!” placards, in a city where he made two campaign appearances in 2016.

The speech is serving us as a reminder, in case we forgot, of the following basic things that will Make America Great Again.

(1) Passing massive tax cuts for the middle class.

(2) The existence of a new movement of the people.

(3) Looking at our country as “America First.”

(4) Ignoring the unapologetic media for the fake news.

(5) Creating 2.2 million new jobs since the 2016 elections.

(6) Imposing consequences for American companies that move to another country and re-sell their products in America.

(7) Lowering Hispanic unemployment to a record level (Hispanics want the wall and security, too).

(8) Building the wall.

(9) Bringing total unemployment to a 17-year low.

(10) Bringing consumer confidence to a 17-year high.

(11) Surging economic growth to 3.3 percent (and, in the absence of hurricanes, to four percent).

(12) Surging the stock market to a long-time high record for 86 times since Election Day.

(13) Repealing the Obamacare’s individual mandate, where “you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not having to have insurance or health care.”

(14) Creating, since the 2016 elections, more than five trillion dollars in new economic wealth just in the stock market alone (without including real estate and other values).

(15) Renegotiating trade deals that are bad for the U.S., like NAFTA and the “horrendous” deal with South Korea.

(16) Getting out of the multi-party treaties, like Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and replacing them with bilateral deals.

(17) Identifying the lobbyists and politicians in Washington, DC as the anti-Trump “resistance movement” supporters.

(18) Surging black home ownership to the highest level in the history of the country.

(19) Bringing awareness that the “resisters” (like Hillary Clinton, who lost the elections) resist the will of the American people.

(20) Changing the rigged system that doesn’t allow to “lock up” Hillary so easily.

(21) Increasing wages for the first time in 20 years.

(22) Creating multiple choices for selecting jobs, due to their increase in number.

(23) Defeating ISIS.

(24) Liquidating the MS-13 criminal gangs.

(25) Ignoring political correctness and implementing a new pro-American agenda that is pro-family, pro-police, and pro-worker.

(26) Setting own immigration rules for America, as a sovereign country.

(27) Reducing the trade deficits with Mexico (71 billion dollars) and Canada (17 billion dollars).

(28) Ending the theft of American intellectual property by cracking down on China and other countries’ trade abuses.

(29) Buying American products and hiring Americans.

(30) Cancelling the job killing regulations (as Abraham Lincoln did in his time).

(31) Withdrawing from the “horrible” Paris Climate Accord, and avoiding closing factories and businesses as a condition for membership.

(32) Approving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline and creating 48,000 jobs.

(33) Lifting the restrictions on American energy, including shell, oil, natural gas and coal.

(34) Pursuing American energy dominance, making the United States a self-sufficient, major exporter of energy, and debt free.

(35) Rebuilding and properly funding the military.

(36) Using again the Merry Christmas signs in stores.

(37) Ending chain migration, blocking funds for sanctuary cities (like San Francisco and Chicago), and increasing the number of border patrol agents.

(38) Creating a merit-based immigration system and ending the visa lottery system.

(39) Supporting legal immigrants who love the American people, support the economy and embrace the American values.

(40) Supporting Republican candidates for Congress, since the Democrats are for open borders, higher taxes and inefficient government health, they are soft on crime, they want to suffocate the economy with “socialist style regulations,” and “raise the taxes to the sky.”

(41) Appointing more conservative judges to the Supreme Court, like Justice Neil Gorsuch.

(42) Passing a Veterans’ Accountability Act that allows for corrupt and incompetent employees to be fired easier.

(43) Bringing again respect for America in the world, stopping apologies, and starting to defend the reputation of the United States.

(44) Declining to certify Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal (of 150 billion dollars, including 1.8 billion dollars in cash “for hostages”), in order to prevent Iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon.

(45) Making the “delinquent” NATO allies increase their payments (Germany pays just one percent, whereas the United States pay four percent), recovering 11 billion dollars extra from current due payments and 33 billion dollars extra from payments due by 2020–2021.

(46) Restoring the rule of law by defending the right to bear arms and protecting religious liberty.

(47) Stopping the government attacks on our Judeo-Christian values, by giving families and churches, instead of government officials, the ability to create strong and loving communities.

(48) Worshiping God, not government, as Americans.

(49) Being proud of our history, honoring our heritage and treasuring our freedom.

(50) Supporting the men and women of law enforcement and taking care of the United States military, which is “the greatest force for justice in the history of the world.”

(51) Believing that every American should stand for the National Anthem.

(52) Proudly pledging allegiance to “one nation under God” because “our rights come from our Creator” and “no earthly force can ever take those rights away and they never will.”

(53) Taking power back from global bureaucrats and returning that power back to the American people.

(54) Never surrendering our rights to international tribunals.

(55) Protecting and preserving the American Constitution.

(56) For the President, being President of the United States of America, not president of the world.

(57) Stopping powerful forces in Washington, DC that are trying to sabotage the President’s new movement.

(58) Bringing “both sides together,” for which honesty and love is needed in the country, because “there is a lot of hatred out there.”

(59) Draining the swamp in Washington, DC.

(60) Forgetting no more the forgotten men and women.

(61) Never ignoring again the voice of the “deplorables.”

(62) Adopting new tax cuts that provide relief to families, small business and corporations.

(63) Lifting the people from welfare to work.

(64) Restoring hope to the struggling rural communities and inner cities.

(65) Building new infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, highways) throughout the country.

(66) Creating products made by Americans for Americans.

(67) Respecting America, as the nation that dug out the Panama Canal, won two world wars, put a man on the Moon and brought communism to its knees.

(68) Continuing the revolution started on November 8, 2016.

(69) Never thinking to give in, give up, back down, or stop dreaming.

(70) Making America Great Again by making it strong, proud, wealthy, and safe.

All these basic things were repeated by Donald Trump because there is no chance that Mainstream Media, which has reduced itself to a liberal advocacy group, would ever report them out of its own initiative.

Therefore, the Pensacola speech is a reminder of why Americans elected a conservative populist president.