The “Reservoir Dogs” Are Back in Washington, DC!

Who doesn’t remember the opening scene in the 1992 Tarantino’s cult hit, where eight (not DC ward) members discuss “business,” only “this ain’t a goddamn f****** city council meeting, you know…” The members were: the “council” boss and his son, plus Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Pink. The scene also reveals to us that Mr. Purple “has some other job,” four other people applied for Mr. Black’s position, while a Mr. Yellow might be in the combination.

But let us not digress. On June 14, 2016, Washington, DC held its Democratic primaries — a “futile exercise” for many DC voters, as far as Hillary Clinton was concerned, since more than a week ago she had secured enough votes for her party nomination over Bernie Sanders.

Even so, she beat him easily with about 78% of the votes.

More interesting, though, were the results for the municipality council members because, in a Democratic-dominated city, the party primaries are always a strong indicator for the general election winners. As it turned out, three opponents of mayor Muriel Bowser won seats in the DC Council.

Washington, DC has 13 council members, five elected at-large, including the chairman, and one for each of the eight city wards.

Thus, the veteran at-large member Mr. Orange (Vincent) lost to Mr. White (Robert), and the seats for the eastern wards 7 and 8 were won by the DC former mayor, Mr. Gray (Vincent) against Bowser’s incumbent protégée, Yvette Alexander, while Mr. White (Trayon) won against Mrs. Pink (LaRuby May), respectively. This has put the current mayor in a truly Mexican standoff, similar to the one in the last scene of the movie, since she will face, in the next period, opposition to her legislative agenda.

Bowser is a party super-delegate, like another Mr. Brown (Michael), and also a Clinton supporter.

As a mayor, she has become (in)famous for her first two trips abroad, to China and Cuba, in order to “explore” attracting investors. In China, she was accompanied by many donors of a PAC sustaining her agenda, who accepted unlimited contributions, using a legislative loophole regulating off-year fundraising.

More recently, backed up by Hillary Clinton, she has been pushing hard for DC statehood by planning a November non-constitutional local referendum, in order to take out of the magician hat three Democratic rabbits (2 senators and 1 representative, that is) in a heavily Republican U.S. Congress.

On the other side, Mr. Gray (Vincent), another interesting character, was a one-term mayor involved in a campaign finance corruption scandal that prevented him for a second term, and paved the way for Bowser.

Anyhow, after his recent victory, he declared that running again for mayor is a possibility. He won with a message against the city rampant crime rate (that has doubled since last year) and Bowser’s populist pro “affordable housing” policies, although the city is worldwide known for its intense gentrification process.

And so, at the end of the day, the Democratic primaries are over, but the Reservoir Dogs season has been reopened!

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